It's Friday---and my pattern before Advent was to only post 4 times a week, BUT for this Friday---I will post (no promises beyond that).  It always pays to get it down in writing before it escapes into the black hole in my head to never surface again.  AND who knows when the well of ideas will dry up, or I will finally be unable to put together an intelligent thought.  (I say intelligent with a huge degree of humility---intelligent is relative and I will leave that there)

PLEASE INDULGE ME AND READ THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH OUT LOUD-- No requirement for an audience--in fact--I prefer you read it alone---and ponder for a moment  before continuing--if you care to --with the blog.

What brings me joy?  What do I do, think about, create, or pursue which feeds the depths of my soul?  The question is NOT what makes me happy---the question is much deeper.  Happiness is fleeting---joy is eternal.  The joy I am questioning is a "Gift of the Spirit" which God gives me.  What in my life brings me contentment--comfort--peace?  What can bring me this ENDURING attitude of peace--even in the midst of struggle and pain?  Why do I not spend more time recognizing the blessing of joy in my life?  Why am I allowing the world to rob me of the precious gift of the joy only Jesus can bring?  How can I change my ways---my thoughts--my pursuits to enjoy to the fullest the gift of joy God has promised me?

If "joy is rooted in our hearts by the Holy Spirit",  how do we stay continually tapped into the eternal well spring of joy we are promised?  Recognition of the Spirit, which we received as a presence of God in our lives, is necessary for the joy to be allowed to bubble up and flow from us.  "Joy is more than expression, it is an attitude."  When I read this, I thought of two Saints, who have gone on before, that I knew immediately, when in their presence, they lived in the joy of Jesus in their life.  It was an attitude which produced  a physical aura that surrounded their countenance when in their presence.  Immediately-- I thought--"I WANT that!"  What happened that I did not aggressively and passionately pursue that attitude?

LIFE happened---I allowed the suffering and pain of life to distract me.  Yes, I always came back full circle and recognize God's faithful presence, but in the meantime I became mired in the distractions of the world.  I listened to The World tell me how unfair life could be, I spent time agonizing over the cause of my pain and suffering, and in general---allowed the world to hold my attention.    Only when I turned from the World and to God, did the joy which was always present bubble back to the surface.  Only then did my aura change from doom and despair to contentment and peace KNOWING God is faithfully present and promises me abundant joy--even in the midst of my suffering.

SO--without further expounding and believe me--there is much to be said about joy--my questions to us all is--

"Do we recognize what brings us joy?  "

The necessary step of this recognition brings us to question two~

"Are we pursuing with purpose and intent the joy that can be ours?"

If we want that aura of peace and contentment to mark our presence in the world, should we not pursue what brings us that joy?

"You made known to me the path of life;

in your presence there is fullness of joy;

at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

Psalm  16:11


  1. A fantastic question to ask ourselves, Lulu! What brings me joy? That should narrow our focus down to loving and serving the Lord in all we think, say or do. May His joy ever be with you!

    1. I think we often mistake happiness for joy. It begs to ask - what sticks with me?
      Blessings, Martha!


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