It seems I piqued the curiosity  of some of my faithful readers (SO Thankful for anyone who bothers to read--it keeps me writing)  over my "new job".  When I wrote about the Children's Sample Sale, I inadvertently  gave the impression I was in business.  NOT SO!    I laughingly call myself my daughter's intern.  She owns the business which has the semi annual sale of market samples for children's clothing at wholesale prices.  I am her right hand person and supporter.  We all know whatever our children are doing we are "all in" and willing to do anything they ask.  This business venture took me totally by surprise and I was not sold on the idea, but she wanted to give it a go and I got on board.  

She knows me well enough to understand my gift is NOT selling, but organizing.  She allows me to use that gift with getting the clothes displayed and helping get the sold merchandise checked out.  It is a HUGE task, there are thousands of items of clothing in sizes from NB to a few in size 12.  The majority of the room is taken up by sizes from NB to 5.  It gives me purpose for a few weeks and I enjoy the interaction with her friends and customers.   There is nothing I like better than a good story---and I always walk away with new stories, even when I walk away exhausted but stimulated.

It consistently  makes me feel good to know that I am helping her and I make every effort to be her right hand person.  Sadly I cannot lift the great weights I once could, but there is plenty to do even when I pass on lifting the heavy bins.  She has an army of great friends who step up and help to make it all a success.  Can you really think of anything better than knowing you are helping someone you love?  There is no sweeter feeling.  The majority of the work is done by her, but I help by relieving her of some of the mundane--such as organizing and racking the clothing.  She is the brain trust and I am the grunt.  It is a privilege to be her grunt and spend this one on one time with her.

As I thought this over, I realized there is nothing God wants more than for us to volunteer to be His right hand person.  He is delighted when we serve Him with a glad heart.  You know---He doesn't really need us to accomplish His good purpose, BUT He gives us the privilege to do His grunt work.  He wants us to "love people", take care of His sheep, look after the orphans and widows, share our talents, provide for " the least of these", and above all spread the Good News.  What a privilege--what an honor--what a gift---what a blessing to be God's right hand person.

"Therefore, as God's chosen people,

holy and dearly loved,

clothe yourselves with




gentleness, and


Colossians 3:12


  1. I'll gladly be God's grunt any day of the week, Lulu!
    We are, thankfully, home and Danny is absolutely on the mend.

    1. Such good news! I just asked the question when I responded to today's comment. An answered to prayer.


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