The month of love started with a post about the subject at hand.  I really thought I did not have anymore to say---and then--out of nowhere (do not believe that for a second--we all know the source of all good things) today's post popped into my head.  We all desire to be loved---perhaps not always romantic love, but we want to be well thought of by someone special.  We want to walk around in our daily life knowing someone cares.  What is that old saying ~

What is the secret to love?  How can we be loved?  The secret is to love others well--put them first at all times.  To serve with a glad heart--to think of what would please them--to listen with an open mind----in a nutshell---putting the ones we love needs and preferences before our own.  That is in--short, concise and sweet.  

Think of the parents whose children seem to adore them .  What do they do to achieve such adoration?   They are always thinking of the needs of their child.  The child knows they are going to be taken care of, provided for, guarded with care, watched, listened to, and on and on.  Love also comes with the need for discipline when it comes to children--for their sake.  I told my children when they were growing up, " The easy thing is to let you do whatever you want.  That is not my job--my job is to love you by correcting you and pointing you in the right direction. "  One of the most important relationship is that between a  parent and child---an entire life is influenced greatly by how they are loved.

If you think of every relationship you have which feels whole and healthy, I would bet you have been extremely selfless and always thinking of what the other's needs are.  Love is not a noun---love is a verb in my book.  For everyone I love--it requires time and effort to nurture that relationship.  It is NOT what they can do for me---it always  is a desire to serve and please them.  

We have a wonderful example of how to love in Jesus.  Who has served better, Who always had our best in mind and taught by example, Who was willing to give His life for us?  The answer is always Jesus.  So the secret--the secret is really no secret, we all know to be loved we need to love.  End of Story.

"We love because He first loved us."

I John 4:19


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