There are things we should talk about---but this certainly hinges upon the listener.   Small talk is just that---"talk with little substance".  Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time and place for everything and this includes conversation.  Conversation should always hinge upon those in the conversation arena with you.   Being sensitive to who is listening and their position in life is always smart.  You do not want to be talking about running with someone who is not only not a runner, but totally uninterested in running.  When you ask, "What books have you read lately?" and are told the listener does not enjoy reading--give it up.  A dead give away that you have hit upon a boring subject to the other (s) is a glazed and bored expression.  Your interest and intensity will not change their disinterest.

The one thing we should talk about is our affection for our loved ones.  Not to say there are not other subjects that with the right partner (s) can lead to an interesting conversation, BUT pick your audience carefully.  We definitely should never refrain from telling those we love and hold in high esteem our feelings for them.  You never know when your last opportunity will come, and the loss of opportunity will take with it regret over things left unsaid.  SO---seize the day---take the plunge---do not put off or assume the other knows by implication.  SAY IT---even when it's difficult--it should be said.  We need to not only have those hard conversations, but we should also be absolutely certain we convey our feelings for others.  Yes, doing is important and we certainly should know by the actions of others their feelings.    BUT, cover your bases---by open to declaring your feelings of esteem.  All of us need to know we are loved----so talk about it--declare verbally your love.  Leave no doubt---give every assurance---and, at the end of the day, know they knew--because you told them.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

a time to keep silence, and a time to speak

a time to love"

Ecclesiastes 3:1, 7-8


  1. Definitely, we need to let loved ones know exactly how we feel about them. It's never enough to assume they know it anyway. What if they truly need that affirmation and encouragement and we fail to give it?
    Blessings for another great and thoughtful post, Lulu!

    1. We show our love in so many ways, but it is also nice to verbally acknowledge that love!


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