I usually scroll through the local Buy, Sell & Trade group when I look at the Book of Face.  A recent post intrigued me when it caught my attention when I read the title---"DIVORCE BARGAIN".  A daughter was trying to sell a lovely garden table and chair set with this explanation.  "My parents are downsizing to a townhome and will not have room for this.  When my Dad gave it to my mom for their Anniversary it almost caused a divorce since this was NOT what she had in mind as "the perfect gift".  OH YEAH---the wheels began grinding!

I am fairly certain I have been guilty in the past of not receiving a gift  with graciousness and gratitude.  We somehow get it in our head what we would like as a gift, but instead of voicing that desire--we expect our loved ones to read our minds.  AND then when the day arrives and the gift they lovingly spent time and energy getting for us is not what we had in mind--we are disappointed.  Instead of being gracious and receiving the gift with a smile and thank you--we are crestfallen and dejected---perhaps even mad.  We set ourselves up for disappointment when we failed to make our desires known, and we are mad at those who failed to read our mind.  I am ashamed to admit---before God convicted me---I was guilty at times.   Today--I voice my desires to family when gift time rolls around.  I am WAY over wanting stuff--but love to get updated Grand photos--or some small something that when I look at it I will be reminded of the giver.  Some are really fun to shop for and some (probably including me) are a chore.  TRULY it is the thought---not so much the gift that counts.  In this busy life---if someone took the time to remember me--I am delighted.

Perhaps this is a good reflection on our lack of gracious gratitude to all God has provided.  Do we get  in our head what we deserve and become disappointed when God seems to ignore our hints?  Are we thankful---are we aware of the extravagant abundance we are surrounded by?  Sadly, we forget if God gave us what we deserve--we would be on the short end.  Can we have an attitude change and in all things be grateful?  Questions to ponder today--questions to ponder.

"In everything give thanks;

for this is God's will for you

in Christ Jesus."

I Thessalonians 5:18


  1. No, people cannot read our minds. In light of that, for my birthday, I gave Danny a list of books I was interested in reading, thinking he might choose one or two. He surprised me grandly by giving me every book on the list! One of the best birthdays!
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. Danny is a thoughtful husband! Yes, if we will boldly ask--we might receive.
      Blessings, Martha!


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