Tuesday of Holy Week found Jesus entering the temple and making every effort to teach the crowds the meaning of all that would come in the next few days.  When stories are told in parable form, many have a difficult time looking beyond the surface.  There is a deep meaning behind the curtain of the story--you must stop and consider---question what is really being said.  So it was with Jesus and His parables---there is much more than a story---there is a life lesson---a foretelling of the future--all behind the veil of symbolism and analogies.

The first occurrence in the scriptures surrounding Tuesday is Jesus withering the fig tree to never produce fruit again.  At face value--Jesus was hungry and angry (we call that hangry), but there was no fruit so he took out revenge on the tree.  Jesus then used this as an example of the power of faith when teaching the disciples.  Was Jesus really hungry and angry, or did he know the days to come would see the need for great faith among His followers.  He knew the end of the story of the week---they did not.  He knew how trying and demoralizing those days would be.  He knew---and he used the fig tree to teach a lesson in the conquering power of faith.  The life rope we cling to when all seems lost and we are in the pit of dismay-- is the gift of faith.

And then we have the great debate--with the priests and Pharisees.  When Jesus stumped them with his parables for which they found no answer, they were furious.  Riled up and ready to end this rebellion without losing face.  This long stream of teaching is called the Olivet Discourse and would be the final long debate with the Jewish leaders.  They left with one thing in mind--getting rid of Jesus.  

In life, we are given opportunities---doors are cracked for us to speak with love to those who are not Believers.  God supplies the opportunities---He will do the wooing---we are charged with telling our story.  It is never too late---even in our final chapters--our final days to tell that story.  It is my experience God usually does not allow us to see the fruits of our bold telling---but when we plant the seed---after it has germinated---it can sprout and grow.  That is how God works---He uses us to lead others to Him.  There has been a long line of truth tellers in my life.  It is amazing when I consider all those God has used to woo me, grow me & help me down the road to sanctification.  I am so thankful for all those who obeyed His call and for His Holy Spirit wooing me and encouraging me on the trek.  Even for Jesus---knowing what was coming---it was never too late.

"The Lord is not slow to fulfill His promise

as some count slowness,

but is patient toward you,

not wishing that any should perish,

but that all should reach repentance."

II Peter 3:9

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