Almost all of us like the warm ambiance of a lit candle.  In the past, I have lit candles for the scent buried in their wax.  The heat of the fire begins to melt the wax releasing the wonderful smell into the air as it slowly melts.  Today, because of rules of safety concerning the potential fire risk, I do not use candles very often.  I miss that warmth--that glow--that light in the darkness.  The diffusers and plug ins while certainly giving off a nice aroma--are just not the same.

Some churches have rows of candles placed by an alter or alter table.  Worshippers stop and light a candle and say a prayer --sometimes for a specific person or concern.  The intent is a symbol of the prayer being offered to God.  As our prayers drift toward God, so the smoke from the candle also wafts in a stream of worship and acknowledgement of a Holy God.  A God who hears our prayers.

The lit candle is also a reminder of the light Jesus brought into the world.  A light of hope in the presence of the darkness of the fallen world.  A gift of the beauty of the light in the midst of the dark.  When you enter a darkened church and see the row upon row of candles burning---you are reminded of all the prayers lifted by so many believers.  Soon the light from those burning candles fills the darkness and we can see.  We can see the way--we can see the path--and we are reminded of a God who is larger--more powerful--than our wildest imagination.  He lights the world--with hope, with love, and his reconciling redemption for man.  We visually see a display of acknowledgement of our need for Him.

Candles are reminders of who God is and the light of hope He gives us.  May we always burn brightly with the light He has given us through Jesus.

"This is the message we have heard from Him

and proclaim to you,

that God is light,

and in Him is no darkness at all."

I John 1:5


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