One morning last week, I was scheduled to drive one of the grands who had early morning band practice to school.  NOW- the really good thing about what I am about to tell you is I am always an early bird.  I don't mind sitting in front of their house and waiting a few minutes and actually prefer it so we are not late.  Once I get there and text I am there-they get into high gear getting out the door.  Lulu is known to give punctuality lectures occasionally.  That and organization are my two favorite topics for the lecture circuit.  Being organized and punctual are HIGH on my list.  OFF THE TOPIC--SORRY!  This particular morning when I tried to start my car---NADA---DEAD AS A HAMMER!  Well actually, it gave a half hearted attempt to no avail.  SO long story short---I still drove him, but his mother had to come get me and I had to take her back home to walk the two littles to their school.  THEN I had to get the car back to her to drive the next one's carpool.  Next year there will be 4 in 4 different schools---it takes a spreadsheet now to keep up with it all--that will really be fun!

So after doing some yard work at #2 son's house, #1 Daughter drove me home and we hooked the battery up to a charger.  Now that there is Youtube--we women can be even more independent when it comes to all those manly jobs and chores.  In all honesty, we did send her hubby a few pictures to be certain it was all hooked up correctly.  SO a few hours of charging and the car starts again.  So I make an appointment at the dealership to have the battery replaced--thinking even if I have to recharge it---I can get there for that needed energy source--the new battery.

That very night  when I went to check if the car would still start--NADA.  So I plug it into the charger for the night--thinking I can get it started  the next morning to keep my appointment.  Morning comes and---DEAD AS A HAMMER!  Desperate times call for desperate measures--I call the dealership.  LONG story short--they have a remote mechanic who is coming to install a new battery.  When he asked if I would be home---my answer---"Well, yes, since I have a dead battery and no way to get going--I will be here."  The car will not start unless it has an energy source to get it going.

I know you know where this is going.  How many mornings have my eyes opened to only think, "I'm exhausted---I just cannot do this today---my get up and go has got up and went."  Exactly like the car---I need an energy source to get my motor running and it's more than coffee.  My day begins with time in The Word--hearing from The Father.  By the time I have finished today's reading I am awake and my motor is running.  He has restored my body--and my soul.  AND just like the remote mechanic, He comes to me--when I call upon HIs name.  Praise God for His faithful presence AND providing remote mechanics!

"The Lord is my strength and my shield;

my heart trust in Him,

and He helps me."

Psalm 28:7


  1. Organization and punctuality are two of my top priorities, too, Lulu, and I've been known to occasionally (and gently) lecture our grands about it. It is so true that when we study God's Word, He will recharge our spiritual batteries always. Such wonderful thoughts to ponder today and every day, my friend!

    1. It is such joy that He never finishes teaching me.
      Blessings, Marthat!


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