It seems I have always known what stealth means, but did not hear it used a great deal until the advent of the stealth bomber in 1977.  Here is what Dr. Google has to say about stealth aircraft ~

"While no aircraft is completely invisible to radar, stealth aircraft make it more difficult to detect or track the aircraft effectively, increasing the odds of an aircraft avoiding detection by enemy radar and/or avoiding being successfully targeted by radar guided weapons. " There is more--but this gives you the gist of stealth aircraft.

The entire point is to avoid detection.

There is a new trend and term floating around in university towns---STEALTH DORMS.  We have street after street of these houses in Fort Worth--especially in areas close to the local university.  When driving through the residential streets surrounding the university there is a slow trend of tearing down the old and putting up these multi- story homes which have the appearance of a large family home.  Upon closer examination, there are hints of who really lives in these monstrosities.  One would be the concrete back yard for parking multiple vehicles and then there is the circular drive in front which will also hold several vehicles.  Then there is the low maintenance--minimal landscaping, along with usually two front doors.  AND the "Let The Secret of the Bag Dead Give Away" ~ the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night parties.  All efforts to blend in as a family home are for nil when every light is on, music is blaring, and the overflow of party goers is spilling out of the front doors.  The neighbors are NOT happy when they see one of these being built on their street.  As the old saying goes- "There goes the neighborhood".  All efforts of blending in to the neighborhood are now swept away and what once was stealth has had its cover blown.

The beauty and charm of a decades old neighborhood have been encroached by this huge house with multiple students residing there.  The latest in the ongoing trend of gentrification of cities.

Where could I be going?  Are we guilty of being Stealth Believers?  WHAT?  Do we disguise our belief by emulating the appearance of those around us?  Do we always openly portray our faith, or are we trying to just fit in?  Are we lukewarm---in an effort to avoid confrontation?  Thoughts while walking down a street filled with stealth dorms---am I hiding behind the world?

"I know what you have done;

I know that you are neither cold or hot.

How I wish you were either one or the other!

But because you are lukewarm,

neither hot or cold,

I am going to split you out of my mouth."

Revelation 3:15-16


  1. We have way too many sprawling dorm communities in our town because of Kennsaw State University being here. None that I've seen, however, look like these do.
    Let's be intentional about our Christian faith, no matter where we live or what we are doing.

    1. What amazes me is how much these students are paying for housing! Thankful all of mine are grown!


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