For all the drawbacks I associate with the WWW, I will admit to it being a great source of the trivia that I love to collect.  I know a lot of stuff about a lot of things which I will never cross paths with, see, or need in my lifetime.  I do LOVE to read those trivia facts.  I can remember all that useless information, but can not remember if I took my supplements  5 minutes ago.  

Today I feel called to share with you my recent gain of knowledge about eggs.  NOW---I am willing to splurge at the grocery and pay more for brown eggs which are cage free.  It turns out, that might not be as smart as I think.  Different colored chickens produce different colored eggs.  Brown chicken--brown egg; white chicken-white egg ~ etc etc.  Here is the tidbit I did not know- if you look at the shell from the inside--it is white.  The chicken secrets the coloring agent last before she lays the egg.  Here is the real kicker---inside the gooey part of the egg---they are all the same, the only difference being the size of the egg/yolk.  Our choices in the grocery store are brown or white, but the farmer's market can sometimes give you a larger variety of colors.  The eggs in the grocery store are from the BIG producers---as in the eggs these two colors are larger.  Recently I came across another piece of useless information about eggs.  Yolk color may be differing shades of yellow.  This is determined by the feed the chicken is given not by the breed of chicken.   Yesterday's article informed me the white eggs were the best buy because brown chickens eat more feed--i.e. higher cost for the farmer--thus they cost more.  All this information did not change my mind, I will still buy the brown cage free eggs.  Old dogs---- new tricks ---stuck in my ways.

Now that I have gone over all this egg trivia to delight and entertain you, here is the real point of the post.  Eggs may be different colored on the outside---but they are all the same on the inside.  They have a yolk---the yolks are basically the same--no matter the color of the egg.  That sparked the thought---though man kind may have different skin color---the insides are all the same.  We all have a heart, lungs, blood, etc. and most importantly a brain.  Our most important commonality is we all have a soul.  God created man---in His own image.  Perhaps this refers to what is unseen by the human eye.  If indeed, we are all the same inside---do we show no favoritism or prejudice based upon the external appearance?  A Question to Ponder Today.

"Then God said,

 'Let us make man in our image,

 after our likeness.' "

Genesis 1:26


  1. Great thoughts to ponder here today, Lulu! It's true that the outside color of the egg shell cannot determine the goodness of the egg within, but we have found if we purchase eggs from pasture-raised hens, because of their diets on bugs and not just seeds, the yolks are a deeper yellow and they simply taste better, at least to this egg-lover. :)

    1. Thank you for that review. Now the question is where do you find free range eggs, according to the comments of FB.


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