Today I was inspired by the Sunday lesson from Dr. McQueen.  The text of the day is the story of Jesus dropping in for a visit with Mary & Martha---Jesus and at a minimum his 12 side kicks arrive unannounced.    TIME TO PANIC!  Mary sits with Jesus and listens as He speaks.  Martha goes into "We have company" overdrive.  I am a Martha--sadly. It is no brag when I tell you everything has to be just so when company comes.  Why, the fact of the matter is I go into overdrive getting ready---AND THEN--when company leaves---I go into overdrive cleaning up.  You never know when company might stop by.  I stay in a state of being overwhelmed a great deal.  NEVER too late to work on that--and I am willing to try---but old habits are not easy to change.

The lesson was excellent---but my two biggest take away points were the root cause of being overwhelmed-

1.  Expectations I place upon myself.

2.  My perception of the others' expectations

The common theme---expectations----the pronoun in these statements leans to the first person singular---I and My.  So my state of overwhelmed is a direct reflection of me.  I am the common cause.  

What will I concentrate on while trying to change?  I am back to the lessons in listening we spoke of not to long ago.  While Martha was buzzing around thinking everyone needed to be fed---Mary was sitting and listening.  When company pops in, they normally do not say--"What's to eat? " They do not come with the expectation of food(that requires a dinner invitation)--but instead usually want to visit- have a conversation.  I am the one guilty of putting the need to eat expectation on myself.  In today's world, if someone gets hungry---there are plenty of food joints who love to deliver.  Enjoy the conversation, order a pizza if the visit extends to meal time.  Do NOT stress--do not feel overwhelmed--instead relish the moment and be thankful for the visit.  Did you hear yourself, Lulu?  

My final BIG TAKEAWAY were these wise words from the teacher~

"Our relationship with Jesus is not based on what we do for Him,

but what He has done for us."


" 'Martha, Martha, you are worried

 and distracted (overwhelmed)

by many things;

but ONLY one thing is necessary;

for Mary has chosen the good part,

which shall not be taken away from her.' "

Luke 10: 41

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