If you have never participated in a service of foot washing---you have missed a blessing!  I must admit, after years of running abuse, I keep my feet well hidden these days.  They are not a pretty sight and after a long hot day of being in socks hidden behind a sneaker (how's that for an old fashioned word), I am more than embarrassed to put them on display, much less have someone wash them for me.  Think humbling on the part of both parties--the washer and the washee.  It is a stark reminder of what Jesus did for us.

After hearing this referenced in a recent lesson, I began to wonder have I washed anyone's feet lately?  There have been times in my life, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt my service was indeed figuratively  washing of the feet.  The things I was called upon to do for my mother during her final illness were not always pleasant, but they taught me a lesson in reconciliation I am so thankful for.  There have been those acts of service such as mudding out flooded houses that were definite feet washings---stink and all.  At times those we serve, do not look like us or smell like us, but who are we called to serve - the least of these.  We are metaphorically washing feet.

The question becomes---who have I served and what have I done to show others the face of Jesus on a daily basis?  As I pondered this it occurred to me when I help with the grands, pack boxes for my hard working son & wife, cook a meal for us all, or perform any task for the sake of another--giving up my routine and what I might prefer for the moment--it is an act of service.  I do it out of love---just as Jesus did so much for us-out of love.  SO--do not beat yourself up for not being out in the BIG ARENA of the mission field.  I can assure you, if that is where God wanted you--intended for you --you would know.  He would throw open the doors and keep nudging and perhaps pushing  you until you got it.  God is NOT subtle---He is direct.  

The next time you are called to wash your feet or the feet of another --think about this.  Whose feet have I washed today in an act of love which reflects Gods' great love for me?  A little soap can do wonders for all of us---

" ' If I then, your Lord and Teacher,

have washed your feet,

you also ought to wash one another's feet.' "

John 13:14-15


  1. Years ago, I did experience an in-church foot washing, but I was not personally a participant, just observer. It is a humbling experience even to watch. May we all strive to show the humility of Jesus when we serve others in our day to day lives.
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. It was one of the sweetest and dearest services I have ever been a part of. Truly humbling.
      Blessings, Martha!


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