This is one of those times in life, when I am feeling out of control.  In case you have not picked up on it yet, I have a deep need for control.  Unfortunately, there are times and things which are beyond our control and, at this present time, I am squirming in my seat, obsessing over what I can do, and tossing and turning over what I can not.  I might write/talk a good game, but let me assure you---all is not well in Whoville all the time.  The question becomes what can I do and how do I react?

A perfect example of where I am going is my youngest grand (the baby of the bunch who is 3 1/2)  is taking swimming lessons.  I remember vividly my children taking swimming lessons and the same reaction as this grand in those early first days of swimming lessons.  TERROR!  would be a one word description.  LONG AGO--I learned to swim when my Dad threw me in the deep end of the pool.  In his defense, I am certain he had watched me enough that he knew I could do it.  I started with a variation of swimming underwater with a dog paddle when I needed to surface for  air.  My own children and all my grands have had swimming lessons from some independent teacher who could stand the first lessons of screaming and crying.  For you see, children do not come into this world with the ability to swim.  (Even in the waters of the womb--they can touch the sides) They are fearful and feel out of control when they are pulled into that pool for the first few times.  We were created to walk on two legs--upright--with something firm under us.  The pool, ocean, lake, pond, etc. usually does not afford that grounding.  We cannot learn to swim, float, and, not only survive, but enjoy the water until we get in over our head--where we cannot touch.  THUS the need for swimming lessons.  Once we learn---you cannot drag your kids away without kicking and screaming--but those first few lessons---when they feel out of control--they are kicking and screaming as you try to drag them in.  It is the fear of the unknown--that lack of control which sends us clinging to the side and climbing our parent's legs at drop off.  We quickly learn a need for control when we begin to navigate in this dangerous world.  We do not like--enjoy--or even tolerate when the road gets bumpy, the water gets rough, or we sense any troubled waters in life.  The road most traveled is the known level path --we avoid the rocky road with all our might.  It is the unknown, which is out of our control, that is frightening.  AND THEN, most of the time due to circumstances beyond our control, we are thrust into the deep end--of the loss of control.  Nothing we can do---no answers---we are set adrift in the tides of this tumultuous world without a paddle to our name.  It is terrifying to lose control!

What is the answer?  Our history should be reassuring--when we realize we have been here before and survived.  We have all lost control and survived to tell about it.  There should be the reassurance of  those in our midst who have braved the same waters and are here to tell the story.  We can look around us and know this too shall pass.  Finally and most importantly--there is the reminder that God is timeless and where we are is no surprise to Him.  God is faithfully present---in the good and in the bad.  God loves us--and wants only what is best for us--there are times we do not know what that best is.  This is when faith comes in to play.  Perhaps God is using this very time to grow us--show us--and sanctify us.  Hold on tightly to Him--when out of control and He will steady you in the rough waters, on the bumpy road, and in times of turbulence.  He is OUR ROCK!

"The Lord is my rock,

and my fortress,

and my deliverer,

My God,

my rock,

in whom I take refuge,

my shield,

and the horn of my salvation,

my stronghold."

Psalm 18:2


  1. This truly spoke to me today, Lulu. Danny and I have certainly been put through the frightening waters of losing control of our situations recently. No, it's anything but comfortable or comforting. Yet, we both have become much more realistic and aware that we were never in control in the first place. Only God claims that role. May His will be done!

    1. AMEN! He always has the best plan and we may never know the reasons this side of Heaven.


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