All this talk of telephones hit a chord with another walk down memory lane.  BEFORE we had a telephone on us 24/7, we were tied to the land lines  we discussed yesterday.  In those "good old days", there we telephones booths--with coin operated phones.  A relic from the past--but a fond memory.

A classmate and dear friend during his professional career with "MA Bell" was charged with keeping these booths in repair.  Since these were not the run of the mill phone, he was a specialist.  A specialist whose specialty became obsolete and he had to switch to another before his eventual retirement.

In case of trouble while I was out:1 and about, the rule was keep a nickel in your pocket.  The price went from that to a dime and eventually a quarter, but that one small coin would allow you to communicate with anyone locally.  So if you knew were the phone booths were, and had the needed coin in your pocket, you could get help if needed.  NOW--there were NO VISA cards around and the only form of payment it would accept was the needed coin.  If you did not have the coin, you only option was to call the operator and place a collect call to the party (Momma) you needed to speak with.  Those collect calls were not cheap and you better have a really good reason for making them.  SO keep the needed coin in your pocket at all times---just in case.

SO thankful for the direct line I have had my entire life to God.  All the charges were prepaid and you did not have to remember to be prepared with payment if you needed help--or even just an ear to hear.  Jesus paid the price that allows us 24/7 access to God's ear.  This plan will never be obsolete and He will always answer when we call.  

"I waited patiently for the Lord;

he turned to me and heard my cry."

Psalm 40:1

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  1. I remember that era as well as you do. When I first started driving on my own, I made sure I knew where every phone booth was located just in case. I'm so very thankful that God never puts us on hold when we call Him.
    Blessings, Lulu!


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