When my Grandmother in law (Momma Best), passed away at the grand old age of 100+ all the grandchildren were together to compare notes at her services.  It turned out she had told each of them they were her favorite, but to not tell the others.  She was a wise woman--who believed the landing on the moon was shot in Hollywood and the wrestling on television where they threw chairs was real.   She was quite a woman in the days prior to women's lib.  Well beloved by all her family, they took excellent care of her in her long life.  She worked hard, and never complained about it.  My favorite memory was her wonderful chocolate pie.  She always had sweets on hand and tried to feed you when you went by.  An accomplished seamstress from the days of treadle machines and hand sewing, she made dozens upon dozens of quilts for the entire family.  But perhaps her crowing achievement was convincing each and every grandchild they were her favorite.

I have had a great time telling all of my grands they are my favorites.  BUT the little stinkers shared the revelation with their siblings and probably cousins when they have an opportunity.  NOT to be outdone--I turned it around on them and asked them, "Well what have you done for me today?"  My favorite is now based upon who does the most for me on any particular day.  It is conditional favoritism.  We all have a good laugh and play the game when we are together deciding who is Lulu's favorite.

All this is fun and games---but it brought to mind how thankful I am that God has no favorites and loves us without condition.  We can NOT outdo Him.  As I once heard, "He has my photo on HIs refrigerator."  Though we want to think our service and praise are adequate, there is NO WAY we can out-give God.  His love is boundless--limitless--abundant to overflowing and NOT dependent on what we have done for Him.  That is called grace and mercy.  So Thankful!

"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us,

that we should be called children of God!

And that is what we are!"

I John 3:1

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