Why is it when we are hit with difficult things in life, we become fixated on what is wrong and ignore all that is good?  Perhaps you do not do this, but when I have a significant struggle I am fixated on trying to solve that struggle.

Today I was reminded of all "the little things" daily which show God's care and love for me.  Moving is not for the faint of heart and it is easy to get mired into what is going wrong.  Today God reminded me of His presence in the details of my life and all that is going right.

Something as simple as safely traveling through city traffic is a reminder.  While I certainly am a cautious driver, I have no control over the drivers who are all around me.  We daily see accounts of horrific wrecks caused by careless drivers.  When I arrived at my destination and then back home again---I was thankful for safe travels.

On my list of to do's is purchasing appliances for my new home.  NOT my favorite thing---sort of like buying tires--necessary--but can be annoying.  I was fortunate enough to have only a short wait for someone to help me and then I hit the jackpot of kind and informed salespeople.  Patient, informative, and expedient was my experience today.  I left within a hour and not only found what I needed, but was able to get it on sale.  Do you take good experiences like this for granted?  Then you probably have not endured long wait times, and then were helped by someone who seemed to care less and were bored and inpatient while I was struggling with the decisions involved.  I walked out of that giant store thanking God for placing me in the hands of the perfect salesperson.  He is always in the details and patience and kindness can go a long way  in my stress filled life.

Then my little neighbor from next door came over with my granddaughter (they are going to softball camp together) and those girls made big plans for all they will do after I get moved in.  #1Granddaughter has already picked her room (I did not tell her all the grands will be using that room).  It is a great deal like telling each of the grands they are the favorite---we all need to feel special.  It gave me a quick glimpse of the future in my little bungalow.  Good neighbors for sure on one side--something I have greatly missed since moving from the Hood in Ruston.  God has provided a sweet family next door---who I already know---and we have the common connection of the girls.  NOW that is nothing short of a miracle in the BIG CITY full of strangers.

I am certain there were many other examples of God's care throughout the day, but we so often ignore the signs of His presence and take it all for granted.  I am thankful for these reminders of His presence and provision.  We are loved beyond our wildest imagination--and I am thankful for those reminders.

"The Lord directs the steps of the godly.

He delights in every detail of their lives.

Though they stumble,

they will never fall,

for the Lord holds them by the hand."

Psalm 37:23-25



  1. God is always in the details when we take time to reflect upon His goodness and mercy that are available to us each and every day. I am rejoicing with you, Lulu, for this new place you can now call home.

  2. Glad you will be happy in your new place. You deserve it! I am so glad you have your loving family near you.

    1. Thank you--but I am not too certain about how deserving I am. My feet are made of clay!


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