I met with my sweet realtor friend, Tami, yesterday and talked over selling my house.  She told me that the neighborhood I live in is "Hot" at this time---and it is time to strike now.  I was thinking I would list next Spring--but she made me start to think.

SO--I signed on the dotted line tonight and a sign will go in my yard tomorrow.  The need to have the house spic and span every minute will begin immediately.  People trooping in and out of my house and looking at my things and having something to say--pro or con about my taste starts tomorrow.  It does not make me happy to know that I am open to public scrutiny---and I am offended when someone does not like what I have--initially.  Then I sit back and think and remember that God created us all different and you don't have to like what I do and I don't have to like what you do---and that is OK.  IT IS BUSINESS!

So I am thinking about what I will do if my house does sell and making alternative plans to living here in that case.  Know I have said this before---but IT IS DAUNTING!  The entire process is unbelievably complex.

Why did I not move to TX last year instead of buying this house and living here?  I would have been fleeing a year ago---fleeing the pain---fleeing my misery---fleeing my life.  I am not fleeing now---I am just moving---moving on with my life.

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