I have made an agreement with 3 other friends--that EVERYDAY-I will thank God for the circumstances in my life.  We talked about that is NOT what we really want to do----What we want is for God to listen to how WE WANT our lives to look.  Even if we don't go there---we CERTAINLY do not want to thank him for the perceived cess pool we find ourselves swimming in.  

DO WE OR DON"T WE trust Him?  When talking this over, I admitted that I am pretty sure that I will NEVER understand how all that has happened will work for good---EVEN when I am promised that they will. 

"ALL things work for good for those that LOVE THE LORD and are called according to HIS PURPOSE." Romans 8:28

As I was praying this morning---the knowledge that I am HIS CHOSEN one---that HE loves me---poured over me.  

TRUST AND THANK HIM---I am working on it!

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