I am not moving for over 7 months---but for some reason I started obsessing about the cost of moving-(can you spell OCD?).  I went on-line and looked up the cost of movers moving me the 300 miles to Fort Worth---$4000 -at least! SHOCKING!

I am thinking---I can't afford this --what am I going to do?  Within 2 days, one of the small group that moved me to my current home and mows my yard for me now, Firemen Extra-ordinare---Dustin--when I tell him that I am moving-says "I'll move you."   You get the U-Haul---I'll pack it and move you to Fort Worth and unpack you.

WHY am I so shocked that God provides OVER AND OVER?  I didn't have to ask---should not have even been a factor---but he reminds me ONCE AGAIN--not to worry---HE is my provider! 

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