Today is long run day---we have settled into a Saturday group of 5 and added 2 more today.  Even with the better numbers--because we all run different speeds--sometimes you end up alone.  We do stop and wait for others to catch up---but there are still times--when you pound the pavement solo.

We are upping our mileage again and today we ran in territory we have not run in for a while.  Sam and I added another mile the others did not and were at the farthermost point.  A police car comes screaming around the corner---gunning his motor.  We turn the corner and here comes another one.  He stops with his window down and asks, "Ladies have you seen a tall male with pajama bottoms and a grey shirt?"  I explain that we had not and told him the route we had run. 

After he left, I looked at Sam and said, "Well if he jumps out of the trees at us, not to worry, I will die from a heart attack and he will never have a chance to attack us."

Sometimes---I am better off NOT knowing!

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