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Friday, October 12, 2012


There was a time as a young girl--that I had a horse---Molly was a beautiful paint horse that I LOVED.  Rode her on an English saddle---my Daddy's concession to Momma's insistence that my horse riding needed to have the look of a lady.  OH SO IMPORTANT--to be a lady!  What she didn't know were the times that I took off to the pasture across the pond from our house and climbed on her bare back.  That stopped the day she threw me off when she saw a snake.  Live and Learn--

ANYWAY---I guess if I move to "CowTown" as Fort Worth is affectionately known--that will make me a CowGirl---NOT to be mistaken with the Cowboy Cheerleaders---don't think I could pull that one off!    Just How DO  modern day City Cowgirls dress?  Sweet Jule---Adam's Mom---seems to fit the part---LOTS of turquoise jewelry---sometimes denim--sometimes boots---sometimes skirts that you could sit a horse with (YARDS of material)---she seems to have "The Look".  I need to start taking notes!

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