One of the not to be named neighborhoods in Fort Worth that Camille is encouraging me to look at is a LOVELY part of Old and Downtown Fort Worth. Some houses are approaching 100 years old---small lots---sidewalks---older trees---the feel of a city neighborhood.  Many of the houses have been remodeled while still maintaining the feel of the period.  I LOVE this area.

We were discussing all the possibilities Saturday night and Adam mentions that the neighborhood has a large population of "Alternative Couples".  I must admit---I didn't even blink an eye---just said that would be fine---I like diversity.

BUT now that I am thinking about it----not to be cliche or stereo-typing BUT---it would be nice to have neighbors that are manly enough to help a lady out with a few chores that I struggle with---and I could use a helping hand with decorating and choosing the right things to wear and how to cut my hair---and what fun to cook with someone who also loves to cook AND best of all----someone that wouldn't mind discussing our feelings.


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