I've been experiencing Fort Worth since Wednesday late----I have toured the inside of The Jennings' refrigerator and their laundry room.  I have viewed --reviewed---and restocked various toys numerous times.  BUT---the biggest part of the trip has been exploring areas of Fort Worth to live in.

My current home was bought specifically because it was relatively new and I would have no major expenditures for quite some time---KNOWING that I planned at some point to move.  At the time I had no idea--that I would be ready so soon.  SO when I started talking about houses in FW--I thought I would like to be another one that is relatively new.

The BIG thing to consider is where The Jennings are now and where they think they will end up.  Camille especially is a "People Person" and likes the charm of living in the midst of LOTS of people.  Turns out---at heart --she is a city girl.  I am sure you are aware---there are very few new homes being built in the city---they are all in the burbs.  That is too far away---remember the point--stay close to the family.

So I have had a change of heart and am now looking at houses in the city---that have been remodeled in the recent past.  Not ready to buy---have to sell a house first, but after a little talk with God about where I need to be--I woke up this morning convinced that I should live in the city.

The next hurdle is the price of real estate in the city.  It is MUCH more per square foot if you are in the midst of things and WHY Camille felt the need to point out all the areas that I will NEVER be able to afford--I don't know--but she did.

SO I have had to have a reality check and remember my finances---and drop my "Want" level.  I looked online at a few houses this AM---and I think I will be fine----

Going to Embrace The City and learn what it is like to live in the big middle of LOTS of people---Looking Forward to the learning experience!

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