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Thursday, October 25, 2012


SO as I am driving to Fort Worth yesterday---with each new mile---my throat gets sorer and sorer.  I have taken 2 doses of pain reliever---and it STILL hurts!  I am thinking---WHY on my way to see the grands does this happen?  Of course, I am exposed to a room full of 3 year old germs Every Sunday AM---but WHY now?

I stop at the first pharmacy that I pass after exiting the interstate and load up on drugs.  Trying to ignore the pain---and discomfort and possibility that my throat may be swelling closed---I await Dr. SIL's arrival at home.

Dr. SIL comes in after 9 PM after a 17 hour stint in SICU.  He hugs his favorite MIL & we exchange niceties.  I then tell him "I have a very sore throat!"  He glances my way and says, "Mine has been really sore for a week."  THAT IS IT!!   NO sympathy--NO miracle drug--just I AM IN MUCH MORE PAIN THAN YOU ARE!

I am looking for Dr. Compassion to be my new doctor here in Fort Worth---Dr. SIL---is fired before he even got out of the block!  There is NO honor among relatives of a doctor!

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