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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have learned my once a year lesson---not sure WHY I must repeat it EVERY year---but most years I have to relearn it.

I THOUGHT I was being smart--by ordering the little boys Christmas on line---but then I discovered the price tag on the freight and thought---"Oh I'll just run over to Monroe & pick it up---NO Big Deal"  How much trouble could that be and I'll save that $50 freight bill.

I looked up the dimensions---measured my trunk---had the paper work in hand--and took off as soon as I finished work.  Well I FIRST stood in line at the toy store--to remain unnamed---except for the initials TRU----for 45 minutes---I thought I was in the express pick up line---turned out it was the put your toys on lay a way and argue about their price line also.  FINALLY I get to the front and my transaction seems to puzzle the cashier who has to ask her manager-----She fools with the computer a few minutes and says-"Alright" and I say, "Alright what?"  She says they are bringing it.  I stand around for 30 minutes with the same lady--NOT busy now ignoring me---FINALLY the manager notices--takes my paper and gets on the walkie talkie and gets someone to bring it.

He starts out the door toward the car and my heart sinks---the dimensions were wrong---I have to go back into the store--put it on delay pick up--another line involved-----and start back to R--with NO toy.  I get the brilliant idea to call my friend who graciously loans me his truck.  I head BACK to Monroe--and this time there is not a problem and the nice manager takes pity on me and does not make me wait in the long line again.  

I head back to R--man (or woman) handle the box out of the truck---go put gas in the truck to replace what I used and take the truck back.

SO let's see---to save $50---I made 2 round trips to Monroe, stood in line for 1 hour and 15 minutes--made a round trip in my car ---put gas in my friend's truck---and in total spent about 4 hours picking up the toy.PERHAPS $50 was cheap!

THIS WAS MY LAST TRIP to a store for Christmas---I will order everything on line---and remember this lesson--for this year anyway!

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