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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


EACH and every time Camille tries to call me---if the little darlings are awake---it is a fiasco.  It seems they look up and discover she is on the phone and the fun begins --ALWAYS ending with "I have to call you back, Mom"  SLAM!

There is the tactic of 

Needing to have their own conversation with Mom

Having a pressing need for something---anything

Wanting to hold the phone themselves and heavy breathing while I prattle on to them--OR pushing the keys so it causes ear damage to me.

Sitting on---pushing---hitting---grabbing a toy from Brother

Discovering dire Hunger or Thirst--that MUST be quenched-fulfilled.

ON and ON and ON---

so while I am in Fort Worth for Baby #3---don't call me and expect to have any chance at a conversation---OR if you are in dire need for entertainment---call---You can count the method of interruptions as we speak!

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