As Christmas draws to a close and the house is quiet for the first time today---I have stopped to remember the empty space in our lives that most of us have today---once filled by another.  I have stopped and prayed many times today for my sweet friends that are acutely aware of the emptiness and asked that God would fill that void with sweet memories of the years that space was filled with love and joy.

One of the facts of life is that we all will lose someone dear to us---if we stay around long enough--and the longer you are here in this world--the greater the chance that you will lose those that are dear to you.  I have no answer except the promise of eternity. 

I have decided that it is better to have loved and lost---than to have never have loved.  Grief is painful---but the joy of having loved ones in our lives is well worth the pain we must endure when they leave.

SO  ---there are empty spaces in my life---quite a few--but I am who I am because of the love I have shared with those that are now gone.  As the wind moans mournfully outside my window---I look to God and thank Him for the gift of loving others--those present and those that have left.  He is teaching me---giving me a glimpse of how important I am to Him and the promise that there will never be an empty space with Him--He will be with me always.

A Final Merry Christmas & Happy Christmas Memories of Today and Yesterday!

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