What better Christmas gift than another grandson?  It has been especially sweet this Christmas!  To see Henry jump up and down and clap when he opened the helicopter from his "Memmaw & Dude" was pure joy.  We have played and eaten and enjoyed each other's companionship today.  Uncle Gabe is here--so the boys have another playmate--the extra set of hands has helped and then the Jennings came over and the fun really began!  It has been a good day and I am looking forward to tomorrow as another day filled with "Making Memories".  It is never work---but only joy when you serve those that you love.

I am especially thankful for the gift that God gave us all those years ago----the gift than was promised before time began---our redemptive gift.  We are celebrating with birthday cake tomorrow---

"Happy Birthday, Sweet Jesus!"  Another gift more precious than gold--that all began with a baby entering the world!


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