Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the momentous occasion---64 years ago that began the trip down this road that I call life.  What do I treasure most about the trip down the road?----ALL THE LAUGHTER!  

Last night---when not exactly in a good place---my sweet friend started messaging me---from 10 PM until midnight we messaged and laughed---I am cracking up sitting here all by myself!  She has a WILD imagination and a way with words!

Today at lunch after a rather somber service in light of Friday's events and a fun time teaching the 3 year old class---INCLUDING a dancing session---I lunched with two friends.  We laughed and laughed---I must admit slightly at the expense of another---BUT HEY--what they don't know will not hurt them!

What a wonderful gift---laughter----I have spent many hours laughing with others---MANY MANY loved ones---If they could JUST bottle it---it would be the medicine that cures it all.

SO I am going to be another year older---BIG DEAL----I feel young---I still act --and play young---I AM as young as I think!  It's NOTHING but a number--Would not change most of it---but even the part I would change--it has made me who I am---I AM A BLESSED DAUGHTER OF THE KING!  HE LOVES ME BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS!  


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  1. Happy Birthday & Remember Destinations are Just Places to Begin Again according to Josh Groban and that wonderful Christmas Song "Believe" Make Robbie take you out on the town (on his tab)!


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