I have spent a lot of time today thinking of the MANY families that are reeling in the utter despair of profound---unspeakable heartbreak tonight.  How do you move past this heartbreak---how do you return to normal?

You don't--life will never be the same--the tidal wave of grief will wash over you over and over for a LONG TIME---and then there will be the waves--continuous never ending waves of memory, sorrow, and loss.  There will come a time when you can finally smile and laugh at fond memories of what was and it will get easier---but there will forever be that huge sink hole void created by your loss.

What good could possibly come from your loss---what possible good could ever come from what man intended for evil?  The realization that God does love you---that even though He knew before it happened that it would---He still loves you beyond your wildest imagination.  That there can be eternal consequences for His glory for the unspeakable horror you are enduring.

SO---there are no good words---no good explanation---you have to hold onto the eternal truth that God is all wise--all knowing---all loving---and HE knows your pain---His son has experienced all the anguish and pain we will ever know and HE is our advocate to The Father.  May Jesus be the balm in the days to come to the many---in Connecticut and in many other places for the great gulf of pain and despair endured each and every day.  I pray that He will be your answer to how to make the next step and live the next day---He is the only answer.

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