I've spent hours playing "Tickle" with the 2 older grands--especially the 2 year old.  He NEVER tires of the game--I just finally have to call it quits.  As we've played, I noticed most of the fun comes in the thrill of the anticipation of the tickle to come----he gets this huge smile on his face and begins laughing before I ever dive in for the tickle.

I am tickled tonight also at the anticipation of what God has planned for this new year!  I have a huge smile on my face as I search His word and anticipate just how He will use me next and what blessings He will heap upon me.  The thrill of what tomorrow and the 362 tomorrows after it may bring is almost as joyful as the day itself will be.  The anticipation of the unopened gift of each day of this year is as much fun as opening my eyes each morning to enjoy that gift as it unwraps.  I am positively breath-less from glee knowing the best is still to be!

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