Don't be fooled by the innocent expression in this picture---KING HENRY is a demanding royal!

"Lulu, get me chocolate milk."  Lulu, put my cup on the table."  "Lulu, I don't yike (like) that (WHATEVER I cooked for supper!), fix me a---------.  "  "Lulu, cut the crust off my bread"

DEFINITELY--a first born!  "Here Brother, take this little undesirable car and I will take the large hugely desirable one you are currently playing with."   'I WIN!"  is heard a lot from his mouth---as well as sticking the arm out for a stiff arm stop if brother is threatening to pass him up.     HENRY HENRY---got to love King Henry--first in line to inherit the throne!

Then the sweet side shows up----and your heart just melts!

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