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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Time for another flying trip home!  I left at 6:00 AM KNOWING I would beat the rush traffic!  WRONG!!!  55 minutes of bumper to bumper in the pouring rain---driving like maniacs--WHAT FUN!  When I finally got all the way on the other side of the metro-plex--I peeled my fingers out of the ridges they had dug in the steering wheel.  

The fun WAS NOT OVER!----My little Camry is NOT a heavy car, but it will move along quite swiftly!  The ruts in the interstate were full of water and if I didn't stay out of them--I would find myself out of control skidding across to the next lane---it was like flying! After seeing 2 pickups in the median with wheels sunk all the way up to the truck body, I slowed my self down.

FUN---all the way home in the rain----SLOW trip by Lulu standards---but I made it to work---after working all day---I came home to take down the Christmas decorations---ON JANUARY 10th---NEVER happened before!

Volunteer duty at the school tomorrow --then back to the "Big City"  and those 3 grands!

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