#3 Grand, Henry is teaching me a few things about life.  When he is hurt----the ENTIRE town of Fort Worth knows---well certainly everyone within earshot!  It doesn't matter how trivial the injury--he yells, screams, cries, moans, groans---ALL at the top of his lungs.  He is indignant that he is in pain and wants everyone around to know just how hurt he is and sympathize with him.

Momma gave "Stoic" lessons from an early age---so you had BETTER NOT cry unless you had a REALLY good reason AND you certainly under NO circumstances EVER yelled or screamed!  Hold it all in and keep a brave face about you while doing it.

Henry is on to something---I notice that once the episode is past---he is completely over it.  He has expressed his pain and anger and is ready to move on to the next fun thing. Life Lessons from a 3 year old!

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