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Friday, January 4, 2013


The 3 year old is NOT cooperative at bedtime!  A couple of nights ago----I was in his room until 9:30 and finally gave up and just threatened him if he got out of bed again.

Last night---good sense flew out the window and when he made his re-occurring appearance, I asked, "Would you like to sleep with Lulu?!     WHAT WAS I THINKING!

I sleep on a couch---a regular sized couch---SO there is limited room for one---much less 2.  We started the night out with #1 telling me---he wanted me to be on one end and him on the other--NOT big on snuggling!  THEN he told me he did NOT want my feet by his face....WELL that left little choice about where to put my feet---hanging over the edge of the couch.

FINALLY I get him covered and settled and after a LONG day---I am exhausted--but he is doing everything but slap himself in the face to stay awake.  He has me curled into a fetal position on one end of the couch with space about the size of a postage stamp and my head in a curled position with my neck in the position of a fish hook.  I begin drifting off---in this position of torture---and JUST as I nod off--#1 says---"LULU---I don't like you snoring!"     Secret is out of the bag---when I am curled into a fetal position with my neck in the fish hook position--and head curl under---I SNORE!  IMAGINE!

Reminder of WHY a bed alone is NOT always bad!

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