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Sunday, January 27, 2013


How does one make lifelong friends----the kind of friends that listen to what you are saying---care about what you are feeling---will be there for you in thick and thin?  I have many many wonderful friends---including two sets that come as a group-due to like pursuit.  Of those two--tonight I had dinner with my Small Group to welcome me back to Ruston.  

It is a wonderful blessing to have studied, prayed, served and lived life with this group.  We have "Officially" disbanded---but though not functioning as a study group together anymore--the bond has been formed by all these years together.  We have worked sided by side and eaten more meals than I can count.  Laughter is always included---in each and every gathering.  What a great blessing!

Most of us find ourselves in the same season of life---many with grands, some with great grands, retired or nearing retirement---some alone--some still a couple----ALL love the Lord.  It has been a wonderful part of my life for the last almost 10 years to grow to know each of them and grow to know the Lord in a deeper way with them.

I will miss them tremendously. I am blessed that they have been by my side though and thank God for putting us together.  BUT I'm not gone yet---and something tells me there will be a few more meals together.  I just really love them all----more than I can say.

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