I had someone ask me this week---"Since you are leaving, would you give me your honest thoughts about living in Ruston."  I didn't mind doing that and don't mind putting it on my blog.

I told them that it had taken many years, but I had grown to love Ruston. It's not unlike any other relationship---there have been rough patches--times that I wanted nothing more than to move.  There were times that I thought I would like to live in a different town--all over the country-for a year at a time.  That has all passed----Ruston and I have grown quite fond of each other.

Ruston has the wonderful quality of being small enough that you know MANY of the citizens---call many friends---but most just acquaintances.  Those that you do call "Friend"---well there is just something about Southern small town friends---there is nothing quite like them.  They will laugh with you, counsel with you, cry with you, and live life with you.  You know they have your best interest at heart.

Ruston can also be a difficult town-especially for newcomers.  There is sometimes an air of non-acceptance that comes from some.  It is sometimes impossible to penetrate the circle of "Old Ruston"--and for some reason it matters.  We all like to stay in our comfort zones and grow fond of the familiar.  We sometimes forget--to look around for the person standing alone and seek them out.

I finally came to peace and began to love Ruston when I accepted who I was---sought out those that appreciated me for that, and didn't think about the rest.  We can't all be friends---embrace those that God has placed in your path---be the best friend to them that you can and hope that the others are doing the same for each other.

So I do love Ruston---and I will miss it greatly---but I am thankful for a short drive and family and friends that will always be just a few hours away.  Ruston is what you make of it---not unlike life---it's all what you make of it.

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