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Monday, January 21, 2013


I worked in the Jennings yard again today.  When the 2 big boys saw what I was doing--they RAN to get their equipment to help.  Some help can be detrimental to progress!  I was cleaning out a LONG overdue bed which was full of leaves.  As I raked the leaves out, Henry spotted opportunity.  Before I knew it, he was flying from the backyard with his excavator, front end loader, bulldozer, and dump truck.  He was SO much help---and then he got his rake!

He and Elliot undid---as fast as I could do!  The last straw was when he turned over a bag full of leaves that I had just filled.  I looked at him with my "stink eye" and told him "THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!"----He cracked up and said, "YES IT WAS!"  It's very difficult to keep a stern countenance when we are all having so much fun!

I am exhausted-BUT WHAT FUN!

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