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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We actually have these at home also, but I have never seen them work before.  It's the little camera attached by the red lights around town.  They actually have them hooked up and working here in Fort Worth--- so the Jennings tell me. 

If you run---you pay---$75 per dash under!  The light changes--the camera is activated and you receive a notice in the mail with your car running the light and then your license plate clearly showing.  They even ticket you for a right on red if you do not come to a complete stop---so Camille tells me.

It is all outsourced.  Some company WAY OFF is reviewing all these camera shots and sending you a dun after looking you up on Big Brother's computer.  SO careful Rustonites---you NEVER know when they may discover a huge source of revenue in Ruston and get those cameras hooked up and working.  I've certainly seen PLENTY of you running those lights!

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