There are a few---and I might add in my poll a VERY FEW---that seem to lead charmed lives.  It's difficult to understand why their life is so perfect--when most of us are struggling to keep our head above the waves---but there it is--they are perfect.  

I have one sweet friend--that fits this bill---husband does what she tells him and loves her dearly---children have all succeeded and never given one minute of grief and now the grands are all following the family tradition.  It is pretty amazing---usually don't share much of the realities of life with her--not sure she would understand---does NOT mean she isn't a wonderful friend and sweet believer---just doesn't get it.

As we were walking yesterday, she started telling us how perturbed and disturbed she was and so aggravated that she had not come up with a solution.  It turns out her newspaper is late EVERY day---they don't deliver it until they call and complain.  I walked a few more feet after this announcement---stopped in my tracks  and said,

"THAT'S IT---THAT'S ALL YOU'VE GOT???"  At which time everyone cracked up.

Well I've always known that it is all relevant to where you are in life--but just couldn't let that go by without making that comment.  

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