I cleaned out my pantry today...I would just like to know WHO SNEAKED INTO MY HOUSE and left all those boxes and packages with very little in them in my pantry?????   SURELY I would not put a sack of pasta back up with 25 noodles in it----AND SURELY I would not have 6 packages of the same type of pasta with 25 noodles in each of them???

I would NEVER have 8 packages of the same instant potatoes that I use to make "Sonja's DELICIOUS potatoes" when it only takes 3!  Why I COULDN'T have possibly left a box of the crackers with ALL of the individually wrapped sections open!  AND WHO would have left 3 jars of partially used peanut butter and 3 jars of pickle relish there?  

AND WHY would you sneak in and put all of your out-dated cans in my pantry?  Why not just throw away your evaporated milk with an expiration date of 2011 instead of placing it in my pantry.

ALL this time--I have felt SO safe and secure---NEVER suspecting that some strange deviate was stocking my pantry with their partial packages, over stocks and out-dated groceries.  WELL!   I would get the locks changed--but OH YES--I'm moving!

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