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Sunday, February 17, 2013


I have heard over and over---HOW BRAVE YOU ARE!  Here is a moment of real truth---I am shaking in my Texas Boots!  This move scares me silly!  I have had LOTS of "WHAT AM I DOING??" moments!  I am leaving what I LOVE---Love my Friends!---Love Ruston---LIKE being in my Comfort Zone!

What is courage?  Courage is admitting you are afraid--facing your fear---and moving forward anyway!  It's like riding a bicycle for the first time--jumping into that swimming hole from a high branch--climbing that mountain in the Rockies----It is SCARY!  My knees are knocking---BUT when I conquered those fears and took that first step---I was always glad.

SO thank you for your encouragement---thank you for thinking I am brave--but know I am just reaching down from the bottom of my boots (Texas) and pulling up my Big Girl Pants---and taking that first step---Not so brave---more determined to try!

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