I am slightly frustrated---I could think it will be better when in Fort Worth and near all the boys---BUT  the 2 big boys are 3 hours away and the SIL--well he is not Mr. Handy--and he readily admits it.  OK---so my garage door will not close with the remote NOR from the button on the wall.  I had NO problem when I drove up to check the mail & put out the trash opening the door.  BUT neither of the garage door remotes will work nor will the wall mount now to close it.  I have tried all the tricks I know---I have googled the problem---can't find anything that I have not tried--well except the part that is written in technical gobbly gook!

SO ---Scarlett---since I am going to hear some contemporary bluegrass tonight---I WILL THINK ABOUT THIS TOMORROW!  I need to go get my toe tapping shoes on!

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