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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Before I post---back in R---have missed my hometown!  BUT---I have been awake since 4 AM after tossing and turning until 11 PM---bad sleeping habits seem to come with the territory---Don't get that!  Went to a wonderful Life Choices Banquet after arriving home---a story of redemption from pain---WONDERFUL evening!

SO--I have asked for God's forgiveness---but I decided before leaving that I needed to help raise "Whipper Snapper" right--even in his older age.  SO what might you ask did I do----I went dumpster diving--well more like garbage can diving.  THANKFULLY all the trash here has to be put in sacks---SO I decided I am ONLY going to put MY garbage cans out--until he gets the message----I looked in my regular trash can and his sack that he had put on top---I MOVED IT over to his can.  I then proceeded to put ONLY my 2 cans out for Wednesday pickup.  He and his Buddy had left early Monday to go hunting---or fishing---couldn't tell which and was slightly annoyed at all the noise they made AND the fact that he drove THROUGH the mud in the YARD and made a huge mess.  BUT when ever he gets home---He will find the little old lady upstairs did NOT put out his trash!  SHOCKER--MAYBE THE LITTLE OLD LADY IS NOT SO NICE!!! Forgive me, Lord---but HE needs a few lessons in manners! (Did I tell you he is NOT from the South?)

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