Being the wonderful and giving person that I am (AND MODEST!), I decided last week that I would roll out my downstairs neighbor's garbage while rolling mine out.  Thought--"OH he will see this as a sweet gesture and reciprocate by pulling all the cans back tomorrow.  We will be such good friends.  I'll cook him supper some night."  WELL--the cans stayed at the street until I rolled them back the next day.  I'm a little disappointed---but hey  GRACE!

I then meet the young man---he lives alone---and drives a BMW & BIG truck--my back yard is full of vehicles and his HUNTING toys.  I don't mind hunting--JUST PLEASE PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY!  He is cute---and he knows he is cute---COCKY would be a good description.

So I relay this garbage tale to Camille and she tells her friend that used to have my apartment---she laughs and said--we took the garbage out EVERY week AND rolled the cans back.  I think---NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  SO I decide this week--I will roll only my cans out--I KNOW NOT VERY CHRISTIAN--but someone has to raise this guy right!  I look in the cans and guess what---He CLEVERLY has put HIS garbage in ALL the cans--mine/his---all of them---SO I'm giving this some thought----got to BREAK this foal.  Do they make locks for plastic garbage cans?

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