I visited one of Fort Worth's fine churches this morning---Christ Chapel---an independent Bible church.  It is a VERY large church with 4000 members.  When they started talking about the 11 services they would have for Easter--due to the 600+ above capacity they had at each service last Easter--I was a little overwhelmed.  The music was a wonderful mixture of old favorite hymns and contemporary Christian---I left KNOWING I had worshiped.  The message taught by one of their "Life Stages" pastor---was based on Hebrews---a good over-view of the truth from scripture---and a practical application for today.  What more could you want!

As many other Sundays---Satan seems to show up to spoil the experience for me--even keep me from going.  I had it in my head that the service started 15 minutes later than it actually did--something told me (YOU KNOW WHAT THAT SOMETHING WAS) to go check the schedule--and I had to get in high gear--BUT I made it.  THEN I left thinking I would get there in plenty of time--only to miss the exit--have to turn around after 3 slow red lights and go back.  NOT TO WORRY--made it.  It is a well oiled machine and a slick operation with 8 of Fort Worth's finest directing traffic and a parking lot full of parking assistance.  Greeters stationed at every door--a well thought out and organized Sunday service.

It did make me very aware of how important it is to talk to those around us at church--be bold--strike up a conversation.  It took a LOT of courage to walk in that church by myself---how much easier it would have been had someone said anything beyond the greeter's "Good Morning".  I do not lay blame---I know we all are intimidated when out of our comfort zones--but I find it interesting that the only conversation I had was one that I struck up with the sweet family behind me.  A gentle reminder from God that we are "His face and mouth" here on this Earth---it is a HUGE responsibility---I will be more intentional of making that first comment from now on. 

SO I had a great worship experience, heard powerful truths and was reminded of a practical lesson for a Believer.  A wonderful Sabbath experience!

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