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Friday, March 22, 2013


For some sadistic reason---our children LOVE to remind us that ---the point in life has come when THEY CAN out-do us!  Back in Fort Worth---the 3 amigos and their mother were here to see me yesterday before I even unpacked.  She tells me---"Come with me to the Y tomorrow and we will go to the Power Pump Class together".  WHY SURE--I would love to do that! 


The average age in the class was raised from 25 considerably when I walked through the door.  KNEW I was IN TROUBLE--when we got a bar and   8  weights to put on it, and a step with 3 risers!  The instructor walks in---with her "Built Like a Chevy (YOU KNOW THE ROCK) Body"--straps on her microphone--cranks up the music---AND for the next   ONE HOUR---we lift weights to music.  Each song is a different body part---so that's 3 minutes + per body part!  

When you walk out of the class--ALREADY hurting and trembling---BAD THINGS are coming!  Currently even my hair follicles hurt---I can raise on eyebrow with just a little pain---all else --well tomorrow will not be good!  I spent the day with the boys and their momma--cooking, cleaning, tending the little ones --but once Doctor Daddy came home--I was off---I had NO IDEA HOW I would get up the steep stairs to my apartment---EVEN if I would have stooped to ask---Whipper Snapper is not home---SO--it was SLOW GOING--until I thought--just bite the bullet and get it over with--sprinted the rest of the way. 

SO---YES---Camille you CAN finally out-do me in the weight room---BUT WATCH OUT--I'm on a mission now!  

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