I am back in Fort Worth and the countdown has begun to the final trip to my new home Fort Worth.  I will be here 10 days and then back in R for 3 weeks--back to FW for a week and then back in R until the end of the school year--less than a month.  THEN--I will be here to stay---ministry responsibilities over and time to begin a life here.  My sweet friend and counselor Barbara, told me this was a good way to transition.  Not so sure about that--but it is a good way to memorize the road and all points between the 2!

Have had such a great visit with LOTS of my buddies while in R---but that started the process of trying to wrap my mind around leaving them all.  God has RICHLY blessed me with a plethora of friends that I love dearly.  I can't even begin to imagine how I will ever have such wonderful friendships here.  Time--prayer--living life together--that has molded these friendships into precious pearls.  I can't imagine life without them --a stone's throw away.

Meanwhile I am here--a wonderful surprise--the house is being painted outside and is looking great--the bummer--when preparing the house for painting--they blew LOTS of dust into my apartment--May take a while to get that cleaned up.  The 3 Amigos have already come for a visit--I have been shot with the cap pistol, begged for chocolate & spit up on---LIFE IS GOOD!

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