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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The REALLY COOL thing these days is any form of exercise---running, boot camp, weights, bikes---anything that looks like you are exerting an effort!  We all high 5--pat each other on the back---talk the talk--walk the walk of physical fitness.  It is just "The Cool" thing to do!

Today I discovered the "Ultimate Coolness"-----with NO EFFORT---I had everyone waving--wanting to talk over my workout regime---admiring my obvious effort.  The only thing is--I didn't even have to break a sweat---SCORE!!!  

All I had to do was put my bike rack on my car and strap on the bike---occasionally wipe off the non-existing sweat---put my helmet in the back window---and everyone was totally impressed with me and my coolness.  Why you can't even tell the tires are flat after not riding for a year when it is suspended in air behind the car!

One problem---those that hang around the back of your car AND just can't resist squeezing the tires----YES, I KNOW THEY NEED AIRING UP---you are just supposed to look and admire--NOT inquire!

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