Sunday, April 7, 2013


I am training for my hiking trip this summer.  This entails walking (hiking) with a pack loaded with weight.  I started with a mile and have worked up to 5 miles with my loaded pack.  I am purposefully hiking hills around town.  One of the things I have noticed is that my load becomes a burden the further I go.  As the weight presses down on me and I carry the weight of my burden, I begin to lean forward and find my shoulders rounding with the strain of trying to carry the burden on my back.  Today I discovered that if I straighten up and stand tall and look up---the weight becomes bearable.  It does not disappear--it is still heavy---but it IS doable!

Not unlike the burdens we carry in life---they are heavy--they weigh heavy on us--they cause pain---we think--"I just can't carry this load".  Just like my hiking lesson-I have learned that if I look up-----up to Him--the load is still there--and there is still pain---BUT he lightens my load and orders my steps and carries me down the trail.

Just Look Up!

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